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After The Flood
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Firebrand Training
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General Assembly
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After The Flood

After The FloodAfter The Flood is a data design agency. They help their clients make sense of the data deluge for their customers and organisations. They make digital products and video so that people can understand, act on or profit from the data around them.

How Product People helped After The Flood

Christopher worked with After The Flood at BBC Future Media to prototype an internal live audience data visualisation application called BBC Stream.  He ran prototyping workshops, and assisted with the user experience design to deliver and test mock-ups of the mobile-first, responsive application with stakeholders.

Christopher then moved on to another project at After The Flood to deliver a new equity research publication platform called Optic for investment bank Liberum.

Meanwhile, Jock was running After The Flood’s project for the NIKE Foundation to develop a working prototype of Girl Impact Map, a GIS data analytics and visualisation product to support humanitarian projects in Rwanda.

This concept-to-delivery project involved:

  • eliciting user needs by conducting stakeholder interviews and product discovery workshops in Rwanda and the UK;
  • working with visual and user interface designers to translate users needs into product mockups;
  • setting up the development, testing, communication and Agile delivery systems to build the product;
  • managing the project budget and sourcing geodata specialists;
  • establishing best practices for data sourcing and curation; and
  • working with developers to translate the information architecture and designs into finished product.

“Jock is passionate about the ability for product management to focus the business on audience needs first and foremost. He is a very capable logistician and has particular aptitude around data-focussed projects where he brings a lot of experience to bear in pushing for integrity and structure of data in products that meet user needs.”

Max Gadney, Founder, After The Flood


BBCBBC Future Media is the driving force behind the BBC’s digital media proposition. They design, develop and run digital services and products. Their aim is to allow audiences to enjoy the BBC’s best content via their preferred route, whether that’s online, tablet, mobile, or through internet-connected TV.

The BBC Academy is the BBC’s centre for training. It houses the Colleges of Journalism, Production, Technology and Leadership.  The Academy puts training and development at the heart of the BBC and also works with the wider broadcast industry, equipping people with skills they need for a lifetime of employability in the ever-changing media landscape.

How Product People helped the BBC

In addition to our earlier work with After The Flood on BBC Stream, Christopher joined the team at BBC Future Media as an interim product manager while recruitment for a full-time hire was ongoing.

Jock also worked with Nic Newman to write and deliver training on Data-Driven Decision Making to product managers from the BBC and Government Digital Services (GDS) though BBC Academy.

Brian Carroll

“I had a career counselling session with Jock, and found him supportive, insightful and knowledgeable. Thanks Jock!”

Brian Carroll, Product Manager, Affectv


Brainmates helps clients build products customers love through product management training, consulting services, events and career development programs.

“Jock not only knows about Product Management, more importantly, he is a delight to work with. Thoroughly enjoyed writing new Product Management training material with him.”

Adrienne Tan, Product Leader & Practitioner, Brainmates

How Product People helped Brainmates

Jock helped Brainmates to design, write and deliver training covering fundamental principles of product management through six simple rules for one of their clients, a large Australian insurer.

Charley Radcliffe

“Jock’s experience and expertise were invaluable in helping me unlock my next moves and direction – a great listener coupled with a strong analytical mind enables him to coach and encourage in just the right way.

“Grab a coffee with him, you won’t regret it.”

Charley Radcliffe, Product Development Director, OnScroll

Claus Geissendoerfer

“I’ve met with Jock several times and asked him for advice. I consider him as THE go to person for product management in startups.

“He is a clear thinker and analyses situations quickly and provides constructive feedback. Jock is highly professional but also extremely personable making him a great person to interact with.”

Claus Geissendoerfer, Consultant turned Tech Entrepreneur


eWise creates software for retail banks allowing users to privately and securely aggregate, store, manage and share their personal financial information.

How Product People helped eWise

Analisa helped eWise to reposition their brand and Christopher provided hands-on product management for the development of a new personal financial management (PFM) platform for resale and white-labelling by retail banks.

Firebrand Training

Firebrand TrainingFirebrand Training provide accelerated training courses for various IT qualifications.

How Product People helped Firebrand Training

Jock provided product management training to Firebrand’s senior product leadership in fundamental principles and building product teams. This training was provided on-site.

General Assembly

General AssemblyGeneral Assembly transforms thinkers into creators through education and opportunities in technology, business, and design.

How Product People helped General Assembly

Between 2012 and 2016, Jock has been instructing the 10-week Product Management course for several cohorts.

“I had the pleasure of first working with Jock at the earliest point of our business in London. Since then he has emerged as our go-to partner for any training related to Product Management.  His knowledge is incredibly expansive but his ability to communicate both advanced and simple topics is second to none.

“In addition to being professional, reliable, and intelligent, Jock is incredibly personable and an overall joy to work with.  I look forward to the days when Jock is in our office because I am confident that our students will receive a great experience and a first-class education.”

Matt Cynamon, Regional Director, UK & Germany, General Assembly

In 2014, General Assembly (recently acquired by Adecco) kindly asked Jock to write a product management book for their forthcoming series. This book became The Practitioner’s Guide To Product Management, and is available for you to purchase.

Government Digital Service (GDS)

The Government Digital Service is a team within the Cabinet Office tasked with transforming government digital services. Their responsibilities include building GOV.UK, the single website for government, designed to make information and services clear and accessible.

How Product People helped GDS

Jock was head of community for the product and service management communities across the whole of UK Government. He helped on an interim basis to provide cover while recruiting for a permanent civil servant to take on the role.

The head of community role is devoted to creating, sustaining, developing and supporting the community of Service Managers and Product Managers in GDS and other organisations across government.

Jock helped in the following areas:

  • Supporting and facilitating the product and service management community in GDS and building bridges between communities across government
  • Writing and delivering in-house product management training
  • One-to-one product management coaching
  • Defining the role and responsibilities of the head of product and service management community
  • Finalising job descriptions and career paths for the various product management roles and sharing them with other government departments as a template for their own product communities
  • Sifting CVs and conducting interviews for several open product management positions
  • Blogging about the community

Inkling / Showroom

InklingInkling helps you find great gifts.

How Product People helped Inkling

Jock helped the co-founders out with their product strategy though a combination of consulting, hands-on product management and coaching.

Product People also became an investor into Inkling, which subsequently pivoted and became Showroom, whose technology allows the UK’s best independent brands to collaborate with top influencers, and allows products to be sold to audiences wherever inspiration strikes, via one shopping cart..

Mind The Product

Mind the Product is an international product community. Started in 2010 with the very first ProductTank meetup in London and followed by the Mind the Product Conference in 2012 it has now grown to consist of 6,000 members and sold out events in 25+ cities around the world.

How Product People helped Mind The Product

Jock had been attending the monthly ProductTank meetups before Mind The Product was founded by the co-organisers. Jock wrote articles and write-ups of ProductTank talks for the Mind The Product blog.

In 2015, Jock co-wrote and delivered Mind The Product’s first product management workshop with Kate. In 2018, Jock wrote and delivered a new workshop for Mind The Product on metrics and analytics, with a bit of data ethics thrown in also.

Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice is a major government department, at the heart of the justice system. We work to protect and advance the principles of justice. Our vision is to deliver a world-class justice system that works for everyone in society.

MOJ is a ministerial department, supported by 33 agencies and public bodies.

How Product People helped the Ministry of Justice

Jock worked on an interim basis as head of product for Ministry of Justice Digital, primarily to help the product team there to become better product managers through a combination of mentoring, coaching, and training.

Jock also worked on:

  • making their product management practice more consistent as MOJ Digital grew;
  • recruiting exemplary product managers and my successor from the Civil Service and direct applicants;
  • communicating their product roadmaps more effectively and transparently;
  • writing and delivering product management training;
  • helping other parts of MOJ Digital to apply product management principles to non-digital projects;
  • assessing products to GDS’s Digital by Default Service Standard;
  • helping to define and establish an in-house support and service iteration function;
  • writing articles for the MOJ Digital blog.

Through interactions with his counterparts at the Government Digital Service (GDS) and other major government departments, Jock also encouraged the beginnings of a cross-government product community, something he’d continue to work on at a later date as head of product for GDS.

The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (RISJ)

Reuters Institute for the Study of JournalismThe Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism is Oxford’s centre for research into news media. It was established in autumn 2006, with core funding from the Thomson Reuters Foundation, and is part of the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford.  Find out more at reutersinstitute.politics.ox.ac.uk.

How Product People helped the RISJ

Since 2012, the RISJ has been publishing an annual report on the consumption of traditional and digital news across different countries. It is now one of the largest comparative studies of online news habits ever carried out and reveals national differences in our online behaviour.

For the 2013 and subsequent reports, its editor Nic Newman wanted to create a dedicated website to provide wider access to the report, its survey data and charts. Each year since 2013, as part of a team of designers and web developers, Product People has helped to publish the report online, in particular ensuring the copy, the many hundreds of interactive charts and their associated downloadable data can be viewed at digitalnewsreport.org.

Each annual report has expanded its coverage of countries surveyed, and has seen its findings published broadly each year on BBC News, The Guardian, The Financial Times, The Times, The New York Times, Le Monde and elsewhere. You can find the latest media coverage summary at the Digital News Report site.

“We set out to make the best report site ever – and we’ve done that. It looks fantastic, is easy to navigate and I’m proud of the content too.”

Nic Newman, Editor of The Reuters Institute Digital News Report


Saberr creates technology to help teams work better together. We help you predict performance, understand relationships and provide ongoing team coaching.

“Jock is a top dude. He is very passionate about all things product and coaching teams on how to build stuff of value. At Saberr he helped us get from a disorganised product discovery and dev process into something that is data-led and works really well for our own team, without just saying ‘follow this rigid practice’. I would thoroughly recommend him both as a product manager and as a product team coach. The guy really cares about making you succeed.”

Nikola Brbora, CTO & Entrepreneur, Saberr

How Product People helped Saberr

Jock assisted Saberr with their product strategy though a combination of consulting, hands-on product management and coaching. This involved guiding the team to a more evidence-led approach, agreeing on success measures, and defining an overarching product goal to help the team break deadlocks in prioritisation.

Jock also ran a workshop for the team covering different product management and product strategy techniques.


SwiftServeSwiftServe is tackling the challenge of the cost-efficient delivery of large volumes of data (e.g. video) over the internet. SwiftServe provides Content Delivery Network (CDN) services and caching appliances to some of the largest networks and content providers in the world.

“Jock helped SwiftServe at a pivotal time in our growth, when we needed to bring in more formal product management processes, and hire dedicated staff.

“Jock hit the ground running, gaining a very rapid understanding of our technology and business requirement. He laid the foundations of our present product management. We would recommend Product People to other startups who want to make their product delivery more efficient and successful.”

Adam Twiss, Founder and CTO, SwiftServe

“Jock stepped into a complex situation and was quickly able to step up to the plate and provide good insight on how to move forward. I enjoyed working with Jock and was happy with everything he was involved with. I’d use Jock’s services again when the need arises.

Rob Denison, Head of Development, SwiftServe

How Product People helped SwiftServe

In the early phases of growth, SwiftServe’s product management function had been handled by splitting the day-to-day responsibilities between the CTO and head of development.  With the increasing demands of running the business, managing the development team and the growing number of products, it was becoming clear that a dedicated product manager was needed. However, finding the right person for the job would take time, and the need was becoming pressing.

SwiftServe engaged Product People to help.  The initial proposal was for Product People to assist in three main ways:

  • to define and establish robust processes to streamline how product requirements were gathered, prioritised, implemented and launched;
  • to source and recruit a full-time product manager, then coach the new recruit during a handover period; and
  • to research and document market, competitor and product performance information to assist with the handover.

Later, SwiftServe also used Product People to proof-read and edit their product manuals prior to publication.

In under three months, Product People successfully helped SwiftServe to:

  • establish and document agile product management processes tailored to their needs;
  • source and recruit a full-time product director;
  • define the launch process and apply it to their new SwiftCMS product;
  • research, collate and document market, competitor and product information; and
  • proof-read, edit and apply a consistent voice to their user manuals prior to publication.

As a result of the move to the agile methodology, there is now much greater visibility across the business of what is ready, what is being worked on by development, and what is on the future roadmap.  The developers also have a greater sense of responsibility and ownership for their work, and are better engaged in the process than before.

SwiftServe has now hired an experienced product director who, as a result of the help provided by Product People, has been able to become fully responsible for the product strategy in a short time.  Both the CTO and head of development are now freer to concentrate on growing the business and managing the development team respectively.


Ticckle MediaTicckle is a video debate platform for the future. Here, there are no right or wrong answers – only opinions. You have 30 seconds to make someone think. Come on in at ticckle.com.

How Product People helped Ticckle

Jock ran coaching sessions for the co-founders to get them thinking at an early stage about validating and testing out their product idea prior to seed funding.


TictracTictrac provides a personalised health and wellness platform designed to generate lasting engagement and empower people to live healthier lives.

“Jock is an inspiring and incredibly experienced Product leader and mentor. His skills range from day-to-day coaching of product people, to influencing an entire organisation embrace a disruptive yet positive change.

“He has been instrumental in my personal growth as a product leader but also as a person.”

Ludovic Lacay, Chief Product Officer, Tictrac

How Product People helped Tictrac

Jock worked on an interim basis as head of product and helped in the following areas:

  • Coaching the team of three product managers and defining team objectives and key results (OKRs)
  • Guiding the delivery team towards a more user-centric and evidence-led approach
  • Working with the delivery team to improve their agile software development approach
  • Defining role, responsibilities and career path of product managers and user researchers
  • Recruiting for head of product and user research lead

What Users Do

What Users Do (acquired by Userzoom) helps companies understand how their customers engage with their products and website.

How Product People helped What Users Do

During 2014, Jock assisted the head of product with product strategy though a combination of consulting, hands-on product management and coaching sessions.


WigwammWigwamm is an auction for rental property, every Monday night. One list of properties that exist, with no fear of being told “sorry, it’s just gone”.

“Product People is led by a/the charismatic Jock. His experience allows him to quickly focus a discussion on what matters. He helped us to forget what was distracting us and build something really useful.

“Jock quickly unlocked the solutions we were looking for, because he knew where to look.

“Saved time, great value and he just ‘got it’. Thanks Jock.”

Rayhan Rafiq Omar, Founder, Wigwamm


UnmortgageUnmortgage helps people to get on the housing ladder, even if they don’t have enough money for a typical mortgage’s deposit. They call this concept ‘gradual homeownership’. (Launch: Q4 2018.)

How Product People helped Unmortgage

Jock ran a workshop for the team to help them with the customer discovery and product validation, and to take a more outcome-driven, evidence-led and user-centric approach.

Jock also provided product management training to the head of product and provided ongoing product management mentoring.