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We provide interim product management, mentoring and product management training to startups and established technology companies.  If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you achieve success more quickly, email us on info at productpeo.pl.

Working With Us

Step 1: You realise that you could do with a hand with your product, or need some coaching.

Step 2: You contact us to arrange an initial chat.

Step 3: We discuss your needs with you and establish what finished and success look like for you.

Step 4: We prepare and send you a short proposal for the work you need doing.

Step 5: If you’re happy, you accept the proposal and we get to work.


Frequently-Asked Questions

Are PRODUCT managers the same as PROJECT managers?

Whilst a good product manager will also have experience in coordinating project teams successfully, the roles are very different.

A PRODUCT MANAGER is responsible for ensuring that your product is fit for purpose and successful.  This means that your product and any accompanying customer-facing services meet the needs of its target audiences, users and markets.

A product manager will typically liaise with many departments in your organisation and with your target market to ensure the objectives of the business, the brand and product strategy, and the needs of the market are all aligned.  Typically this role is a strategic position, with responsibility for the financial performance and the long-term future direction of the product.

A PROJECT MANAGER is responsible for executing a project on time, on budget and in a controlled manner.  However, a project manager is not usually responsible for setting the objectives of the project.  Instead these are fed in by a business stakeholder, such as a product manager.

Without a product manager’s guidance and market knowledge to define what a successful product needs to be, a project to deliver new version of a particular product may well complete on time and on budget, but will likely result in a product that fails to meet the needs of the target market and so will not be successful, requiring costly rework.

On larger, more complex projects, it can be very beneficial to have both product and project managers on your team.  The product manager will set the destination for the project and provide directions along the way, the project manager will ensure the project reaches its destination smoothly and on time.


What are your rates?

Our rates depend on the type of work we do for you and the seniority of the product manager you need. We offer preferential rates for early-stage startups. Get in touch and we’ll provide a quote for you.


What about for one-off mentoring sessions?

Take a look at our mentoring and coaching details for pricing information.

Other rates may apply if you’re looking for a more comprehensive set of performance development sessions or training.  Get in touch and we’ll provide a quote for you.


Are you registered for VAT?

Yes, so your quotes and invoices will provide a breakdown of VAT where applicable. Our VAT registration number is 154 4568 95.