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People sometimes ask me for career advice. Here's a recent question:Hi Jock,I'm an entrepreneur, product/program manager and hardcore gamer. I'm facing a dilemma in my career's direction. I'm split between my love for the game industry (dreaming of launching a game with a team), and my passion for product management (I would love to be a PM for a tech company).I've applied to both the game industry for producer positions (no PM there), and to [...]

I returned to Bristol recently to guest host the Threads meetup. Clearly I didn't put them off the first time. Threads is a monthly roundtable discussion for entrepreneurs and founders of technology scale-up businesses based in the South West of England.This month's topic was on the practicalities of building successful product teams.If you're also interested in learning about building successful product teams, I can come to your company and speak about it in more detail.Contact [...]

If you're in or around Bristol and are a tech founder or leader, I'll be hosting the February Threads meetup again. Like you, I have no idea why they invited me back.We'll be talking about when and how to build a product team on Wednesday 6th February from 18:00 at Ashfords LLC, Tower Wharf, Cheese Lane, Bristol, BS2 0JJ.Sign up to attend on Meetup. [...]

I'll have the pleasure of visiting L'viv in Ukraine again this Saturday to give a talk on ethics in product management. Hope to see you there 🙂 [...]

I popped over to Bristol recently to guest host the Threads meetup. Threads is a monthly roundtable discussion for entrepreneurs and founders of technology scale-up businesses based in the South West of England.This month's topic was on product management in general. For most around the table, it was a completely or relatively new concept, so our lively discussion started with the fundamentals.If you're also interested in learning about the fundamentals of product management, handily I [...]

People ask me from time to time about how they can get into freelance product management. Here's a recent question:Hi Jock,I've been working as a product manager for 5 years now. I worked in different industries (financial, loyalty, media, fintech) and now I am starting to manage a team of product managers and setting up a product team as a senior product manager, as well as managing my own product.I was thinking about starting consulting [...]

64: Good product management
Good Product Management from Jock BusuttilWhat does it mean to be a good product manager in 2018?For a while now it has no longer been solely about participating in the time-honoured rituals of whatever agile methodology your team happens to use. Nor is it only about creating products your users need.We know that product managers have always needed to stay abreast of the advances in technology that could potentially revolutionise their products or render [...]

Hello!I've not published a great deal on the blog recently. In my defence, I've been doing a fair amount of paid writing work and my brain has run out of words temporarily.If you're interested, I'm writing (then delivering) a new training workshop on metrics and analytics for the lovely Mind The Product folks for their 2018 London conference; and I'm in the midst of writing a new talk on ethics in product management for DevTalks [...]

Here's a question I've been asked recently:Hi Jock,I'd appreciate your advice on working for the GDS and different ministries. I have recently applied for senior positions (Deputy Director and Head of Product) at GDS and another UK government department.On both occasions I was told that while I had the skills, my previous products had not been used by the millions of users, rather the hundreds of thousands, and therefore I was not considered the right [...]

Dear Jock, I need a product manager with specific experience in machine learning and AI, can you help? Yours, CHi C, If you're looking for a product manager to join your team, I'd like to offer some advice: Good product managers are agnostic of technologies (and markets); they're more bothered about what user/customer problem they're trying to solve. Only then do they determine (with their team) what technology will solve that problem most effectively. If the product you're building incorporates machine [...]

63: The whole agile thing
Lovely Wife announced the other day that she is now an agile worker. I'll not lie: my eyebrow involuntarily rose an inch or two. I wasn't aware such a product development methodology had reached the legal profession.Office musical chairs She clarified: ‘agile' is the new business buzzword for ‘hot-desking', which itself was the updated term for ‘office musical chairs'. In other words, there are more people than desks at her office, so each morning everyone needs to [...]

Hi Jock, I've been happily looking after my product (buying and selling cars online) for the last couple of years. I still think product management is a complete mystery to me, but my boss thinks I'm doing fine. In fact, at the end of this week she will be announcing internally that I will be product managing a second product, which will put me across the entire post-login customer journey! I am freaking out about how on [...]

62: How to measure product manager performance
Early on in my blog, I wrote one of my most popular posts – 4 key ways to spot a successful product manager – about measuring the performance of product managers. The problem is that a lot – and I mean a huge amount – has changed in product management, and my own approach, since I wrote it. I found myself describing to Martin Eriksson at his recent book launch some work I did at the [...]

In addition to the ‘soft' skills I discussed in the last post, a good product manager also needs ‘hard' skills (product management techniques). Read on for my list of the 16 most important technical skills a product manager needs. (There is a point to these two listicles. It's coming next post.)Defining product vision – being able to describe clearly, concisely and memorably how your product will make life better for people Managing stakeholders – working with the broad [...]

I'm often asked what skills a product manager needs. In my view at least, a good product manager needs both ‘soft' skills (emotional intelligence) and ‘hard' skills (product management techniques). Read on for my list of the 12 most important soft skills a product manager needs.Empathy – the ability put yourself in the shoes of the user to understand their needs from their perspective Communication – ability to speak your audience's ‘language' and tailor what you say [...]

59: Find the tipping point in your research
I bet you've found yourself in this situation. You're trying to get your head around the main user problem your new product is going to solve. The thing is, for every question you try to answer, several more questions arise.The more I know, the less I understand1 On a recent product I was helping with, we were trying to make it easier for academics to exchange information with each other. “Simple,” everyone thought to begin with, [...]

This is an interview I did a little while ago with a user experience author living on the US East Coast. She was interested in moving into freelance product management. We cover: how to move into product management; differences between working in the private and public sectors; KPIs and financial modelling; and the pleasures and pains of being a product manager.If you're interested in asking a question, you can do so in the comments below. SA: You started with Classics and [...]

Another question: When it comes to the ecommerce checkout process, what's one thing that retailers are doing wrong? What's one thing they're doing right? From a product manager's perspective, there's no one thing everyone gets wrong – it depends entirely on the circumstances. This is why context and understanding of user needs are so important. Figure out what people need – their goals, frustrations, distractions… everything – then figure out how well your ecommerce capability meets those [...]

58: What Eurovision taught me about product management
For a glitzy song contest, Eurovision has a lot to answer for. There is a product management angle to this post. Eventually.The annual Eurovision Song Contest is somewhat of an institution over here. It has brought special moments to our television screens, such as: inexplicable pratfalls by dancers, Baila el Chiki Chiki (Spain) from Eurovision 2008 some non-traditional Polish milk churning, Donatan & Cleo (Poland) from 2014 and who can forget these monstrous Finnish metalheads? Lordi (Finland), winners from 2006 Worst of all, [...]

57: Cut through red tape
I enjoy being a product manager, although on some days I question whether my level of patience is suited to my chosen career. When working somewhere, I often spot opportunities for them to improve, gain a competitive advantage or reduce wasted effort, then become terribly frustrated when bureaucracy and organisational inertia prevent me from moving quickly enough to exploit them. If this feels familiar, read on.Thanks to the “instant everything” provided by Amazon Web Services, [...]