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  • PRODUCTHEAD: A primer on analytics for beginners
    by Jock Busuttil on Monday, 23rd May 2022

    » You can only tell if you’ve been successful if you can measure it » Analytics approaches that work for others may not work in your context » Behind every metrics is a behaviour » The point of an experiment is to learn

  • PRODUCTHEAD: Defining services
    by Jock Busuttil on Monday, 16th May 2022

    A service: » is defined from an external end user’s point of view » describes something someone would want to do, in their language » has an outcome that relates to the organisation’s goals » includes all the steps between the user and provider » includes all the parts involved in delivering it

  • 85: The agency trap
    by Jock Busuttil on Wednesday, 11th May 2022

    How can product management fit into an agency business model? Spoiler alert: _not easily_

  • PRODUCTHEAD: Component teams, feature teams and centralised skill teams
    by Jock Busuttil on Monday, 9th May 2022

    » A component team’s focus on a specific technology can result in being less user-centric » Feature teams are better suited to deal with innovation, uncertainty, and change » Centralised skill teams should aim to make themselves redundant by disseminating knowledge

  • PRODUCTHEAD: The hidden patterns within design systems
    by Jock Busuttil on Monday, 2nd May 2022

    » Federation squares the circle of having both a cohesive design system and autonomous product teams » A successful design system closely meets the needs of developers of apps and the end-users of those apps » For a design system to appeal to third parties, it has to accommodate their brand identity and niche audience needs

  • PRODUCTHEAD: Performance appraisals are underperforming
    by Jock Busuttil on Monday, 25th April 2022

    » Performance appraisals fail to take into context whether the organisation is permitting them to succeed » Deming: “a bad system will beat a good person every time” » Personal development and performance are different things » Shift performance management from the individual to team, group, or organisational level

  • PRODUCTHEAD: Service mapping for product managers
    by Jock Busuttil on Monday, 18th April 2022

    » Service maps help teams and stakeholders to understand interactions with a service across touchpoints over time » They provide a visual representation of an abstract and often wide-reaching process » Think of your service like a theatre: front stage, backstage and behind the scenes » Service mapping helps your team to tell their story to the wider organisation

  • Whatever this is, this web3 product manager role is not a product manager
    by Jock Busuttil on Wednesday, 13th April 2022

    Jason Shah says that joining a web3 company can be “an opaque process and a risky decision”. I’d add “ethically challenging and morally grey” to that description.

  • PRODUCTHEAD: Outcome-driven product roadmaps
    by Jock Busuttil on Monday, 11th April 2022

    » Outcome-driven product roadmaps shift the focus from building features to solving user problems » A product roadmap is a communication tool first and foremost » A now/next/later roadmap helps teams to focus on the bigger picture » Delivering outcomes instead of outputs is harder, but more valuable

  • PRODUCTHEAD: More product coach, less line manager
    by Jock Busuttil on Monday, 4th April 2022

    » A product coach should measure their own job performance by the successes of their team members » Strive to develop a capacity for learning in the people you supervise » Coaching taps into an individual’s own wisdom and keeps them accountable for achieving their goals » People who are genuinely committed to change but nonetheless dig in their heels may be unwittingly self-sabotaging

  • PRODUCTHEAD: Async working and communication
    by Jock Busuttil on Monday, 28th March 2022

    » Async working lets you set aside time for deep thinking » Forced remote working led naturally to more async work » Async relies on three main tenets: multiplexing, communication and action » Find the right balance between flexibility and cohesion, independence and togetherness » In-person time is important to sustain the human relationships that enable you to get work done

  • PRODUCTHEAD: 3 product leaders share what they’ve learned
    by Jock Busuttil on Monday, 21st March 2022

    » Over time, communities of practice risk themselves becoming new silos » Be intentional about what you want to learn, and about your own behaviour to others » Delivery by itself is worthless — deliver value