Understanding User Needs

2-hour masterclass

Every successful product starts with good user research.

An introduction for product managers to user research concepts and techniques.

One of the most fundamental aspects of product management is to understand user needs and satisfy them with the product. This masterclass introduces the concepts of discovery research, experimentation and validation of ideas, and what an effective minimum viable product (MVP) looks like.

Trailer for Session 2: Understanding User Needs

“Jock’s training is fantastic. Really helpful training suited to my needs and ability. Would highly recommend!”

Tammy Wallace

Tammy Wallace
Service Owner, Ministry of Justice

Course description

Understanding User Needs covers the importance of learning from your users and introduces user research concepts and techniques for product managers.

When delivered live, the 2-hour masterclass is a mixture of theory, instructor-led discussion, video packages, and solo and group exercises delivered by an experienced product manager and trainer.

The masterclass is also available as a 1-hour pre-recorded video.

Who the course is for

Understanding User Needs is for:

  • people who have recently become product managers or who are about to;
  • more experienced product managers, as a refresher; and
  • product managers starting coaching with us, by establishing a common language and mindset.

What you’ll learn

  • What user needs are and how we can learn about them
  • When and how you can carry out user research, and some techniques for you to use
  • Finding product-market fit
  • How to use experiments and validation for learning
  • What a minimum viable product (MVP) is, and how to use it effectively


Remote: One 2-hour module, including breaks for refreshments

In person*: One 2-hour module, as part of a pack of 3 modules

Pre-recorded: One 1-hour module you can watch as many times as you wish

*As and when permitted by COVID-19 restrictions.

About your trainer

Jock Busuttil standing in profile holding a bottle of water while giving his talk "The Secrets of Meaningful Roadmaps" at Landing Festival 2019 (Photo by Landing Jobs)

Jock Busuttil is the founder of Product People Limited, an author and international speaker on product management. He has trained, managed and coached product teams at organisations including Experian, BNP Paribas, Ministry of Justice, Government Digital Service, BBC, University of Cambridge Information Services, Tictrac and Department of Education.


Training fees are payable in advance at time of booking. Please note our training cancellation policy.

When purchasing masterclass modules for in-person delivery (when COVID-19 restrictions permit), the minimum training purchase is a day of training (3 x 2-hour modules), for two attendees (a total of 6 purchased modules).

For remote and pre-recorded training there is no minimum purchase of attendees or modules.

Remote, per attendee (no minimum)

Understanding User Needs masterclass
(excluding VAT)
(VAT reverse charge applies)
(VAT reverse charge applies)
In person, per attendee (minimum 2)

Understanding User Needs masterclass
(excluding VAT)
(VAT reverse charge applies)
(VAT reverse charge applies)
Pre-recorded, per attendee (no minimum)

Understanding User Needs masterclass
(excluding VAT)
(excluding VAT)
(excluding VAT)
Corporate rates

Subsidised rates for individuals

If you are an individual (not a business) funding your own professional development, or in full-time education, we are pleased to offer subsidised rates. Please contact us for details.

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