New client case study: After The Flood

After The FloodFor most of 2013, Product People was working with data design agency After The Flood to help them deliver some amazing projects for their clients.  Here’s how we helped.

Project: BBC Stream

BBCThe first project involved helping After The Flood specify and design a new internal research data visualisation application called BBC Stream, a mobile responsive web application for visualising key audience data at the BBCChristopher acted as the product owner for the BBC and After The Flood, and liaised with the build agency.

Before BBC Stream, audience data for senior executives and analysts was collated on a weekly basis in a slide deck. This was time-consuming both to create and digest, and so key insights were being missed.

BBC Stream 2

After The Flood took a mobile-first approach, building a web application for iOS and Android smartphones with high-resolution displays.  The application automatically sorted, cleaned and visualised the key data sets into easy-to-digest charts.  This meant that executives could easily see important information rendered graphically, and analysts could highlight their thoughts and insights, improving communication up and down the management chain.

BBC Stream is live as a system internal to the BBC.  It won the Market Research Society 2013 award for Best Application of Data.

“Christopher is a talented and driven product manger.  He has a keen sense of focus that marries user-centricity and the business needs of the product owner. I was impressed at his ability to understand and research the needs of users and to communicate them well to the developers.”

Max Gadney, Founder and Design Director, After The Flood

Project: Optic

LiberumThe next project Christopher worked on with After The Flood was as product owner for Optic, a digital publishing platform for equity research for investment bank Liberum.

Before Optic, research was emailed to portfolio managers and traders as PDF and Word files.  This approach had low readership rates, lacked analytics and any ability to integrate richer media such as video and social.

Liberum Optic

After The Flood built Optic from the ground up.  It was optimised for tablet and desktop display and was designed to be more engaging.  It gave portfolio managers the ability to quickly and easily understand the investment idea, while offering a high degree of interactivity and the ability for on-the-fly financial modelling.

Project: Mapping charitable work in Rwanda

Meanwhile, Jock was running After The Flood’s project to develop a prototype GIS data analytics and visualisation product to support humanitarian projects in Rwanda.

With so many non-governmental organisations (NGOs), charitable foundations and aid organisations working in Rwanda, one of the greatest challenges is simply to know which organisations are working in which parts of the country, and how the citizens are benefiting.

“Jock is passionate about the ability for product management to focus the business on audience needs first and foremost. He is a very capable logistician and has particular aptitude around data-focussed projects where he brings a lot of experience to bear in pushing for integrity and structure of data in products that meet user needs.”

Max Gadney, Founder and Design Director, After The Flood

After The Flood were building this mapping application from the ground up, optimising for the typical technologies and internet speeds available in Rwanda.  In addition, Product People also helped to gather and clean up the raw data on charitable work being gathered for the time in the region, as well as establishing best practices for ongoing data curation.

The prototype web application was delivered to After The Flood’s client in late 2013 and will be launched soon.

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Jock is a freelance head of product, author and speaker with over nineteen years' experience working in technology. He helps startups and larger organisations to improve their product management practices, including Unmortgage, BBC, University of Cambridge, and the UK's Ministry of Justice and Government Digital Service (GDS).He is the founder of Product People Limited, which provides product management consultancy and training. He is also the author of the popular book The Practitioner's Guide to Product Management and the blog I Manage Products.

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