Serena Alboni

Serena AlboniSerena AlboniSerena Alboni

A skilled product lead with expertise in design, delivery and testing.

Serena is a product lead with 6+ years of experience and emphasis working in structured product and project environments. Her area of expertise is a fusion between product design and digital strategy consulting, working with Agile project methodologies, start up ways of working, and social business strategy (B2B and B2C).

She has hands-on-experience across product research, concepting and prototyping; product planning and budgeting; product design, delivery and testing; adoption and digital transformation strategy; reporting and information presentation.

She has been involved in the design of products, services and experiences using stacks of different technologies (often open source and cloud based) in different environments: start ups to multinationals, service companies to corporations, with a wide range of household brands as clients (including HSBC, MasterCard, Nokia and Oakley) across different industries: internet and technology, telecoms, finance, consumer goods, sport retail and luxury goods.

Serena believes in the creation of usable, valuable and feasible products and has a specific interest on tackling the issue of sustainability: the environment, energy & food consumption, and wealth distribution.